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Manufacturing White Cotton Carry Bag, Cotton Carry Bag, Kitchen Warehouse Cotton Carry Bag, Cotton Sling Bag, Large Cotton Carry Bag, etc..

About Us

BagWorld was set up in 2018 with the intention to help businesses and consumers reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by packaging materials.

In view of resources dwindling and ecological damage speeding up, the world is turning to natural fibres to help combat some of the damage caused. People are moving away from petroleum based fibres such as acrylic, polyester, and spandex to look for sustainable alternatives. We, at BagWorld, ensure we find some of the most sustainable fabrics produced around the country. Our focus is to provide natural and organic fibres that fulfill our customers needs while matching their hopes and sensibilities for the environment.
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Raw Material

The fabrics we procure are tested and certified to ensure that the product is flawless. We associate ourselves with mills and looms that provide high grade fabrics, thus ensuring that our products match customers' expectations.

Timely Deliveries

Production and delivery dates can be confirmed only once a bags design and quantity have been finalised. For a quantity of 500 bags, we require a 7 working day period to complete and deliver the bags. For a larger quantity, we will require more time.

Production times are also affected by the artwork chosen for printing or embroidery. Call us for more details regarding production.
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