Bag Customisation

We, at BagWorld, provide completely customized bags to those of our clients that desire them. There are a few steps involved in designing and creating a personalised bag that you feel best represents you or your business.

  • The first step in designing a custom bag is picking a fabric. We offer a large selection of fabrics such as cotton, canvas, jute, hemp, nettle, organic cotton, banana fibre, and recycled cotton.

  • The next step involves choosing any features you might want added to the bag. The features might include pockets, zippers, drawstrings,  fastenings and so on.

  • Next we must determine what sort of utility the bag provides. Based on that we can pick a size and style for the bag. If you are looking for bags to hold jewellery then we might suggest a small satin or velvet pouch with drawstrings. Likewise, if youre looking for a sturdy vegetable bag then we might recommend a large canvas bag with multiple pockets on the inside.

  • The next step involves choosing a design to be either printed or embroidered onto the bag. The cost of printing and embroidering depends on a number of factors such as the size of the design, the number of colours, and the quantity of bags.

  • A very important step that we recommend is to set a budget beforehand so we can suggest fabrics and designs based on that. Setting a budget will help us help you.